It is my pleasure and privilege to join you as your Parish Priest in succession to Fr. Kevin Stokes. Please pray for us both. I look forward to meeting you all.




John Anisworth 1848 1880


John Morley 1880-1900


Stephen Robo 1900-1914


Ernest Ryan 1914-1930


Edmund Redding 1930-1934


Herbert Calnan 1934 - 1955


Bernard Grady 1955-1986


Dominic O'Sullivan 1986-2002


Vincent Flynn 2002-2013


Kevin Stokes 2013 - 2017























Deacon Peter was ordained at St George's Cathedral, Southwark, by the Most Reverend Peter Smith, Archbishop of Southwark on 4 July 2015. 

He is a Permanent Deacon appointed to the Kingston Deanery and is based at St Raphael's under the direction of Fr Michael. He has been a parishioner at St Raphael's for over thirty years.


What is a Permanent Deacon?  The term "deacon" means "servant" (from the Greek), assisting the bishop, the priest, his brothers and sisters and the Church as a whole. 


As such, a deacon plays his part in the three-fold ancient ministry of the Church, to be a witness to our Lord Jesus Christ by:


(1)  proclaiming the Gospels, preaching and teaching - ministry of the Word;


(2) assisting the priest at the altar in Liturgy (the Mass) - ministry of the Altar;


(3) serving through acts of charity and administration his local parish and community, living the Social Teaching of the Church - ministry of Charity. 


A deacon is ordained to Holy Orders and is a member of the Catholic clergy, but a deacon is not a priest.  All priests are first ordained deacons before they are ordained priests, and all bishops are first ordained to the diaconate and then to the priesthood before they are ordained bishops.  The Permanent Diaconate is for men at any stage in their life, whether married or single. 


A Permanent Deacon is permitted to baptise, minister at weddings and funerals, assist at Mass and take Holy Communion to the sick and dying as an "ordinary minister of the Eucharist," proclaim the Gospel at Mass, give homilies as requested by the Parish Priest, and teach and give instruction in the Catholic faith. Permanent Deacons are not permitted to say Mass (consecrate the gifts of bread and wine), hear confession and give absolution or administer the Last Rites, all of which fall to a priest / bishop.  

Fr Kevin has also appointed Deacon Peter to be the Catholic Chaplain to Kingston University and to the Kingston University Catholic Society (KUCS).  See www.kingston.ac.uk/faith/contactus/

If you have any questions relating to the Catholic faith and the University, or want to join KUCS, please contact Deacon Peter on deaconpetersebastian@gmail.com