The ordeal of a Roman crucifixion was such that even if the victim did not die on the cross, the executioners themselves would deal the final death blow as they did in the case of the two thieves crucified with Our Blessed Lord.  But this was not necessary in the case of Jesus, as he was pronounced dead officially by the Roman soldiers.


His body was laid in a tomb which was sealed with a heavy stone and guarded by soldiers.  No human could have moved the stone without being detected.  However, such is the power of God that Jesus rose from the dead leaving behind him the very clothes in which he had been enveloped.  What is more, there is the evidence in abundance of Christ's appearances to his disciples until his glorious ascension into Heaven.  All Christians rejoice in the knowledge that Christ Our Blessed Lord is risen and that he is alive for evermore. 


We are the New People of God, the living temple of the Holy Priesthood of Jesus Christ, assembled to offer spiritual sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise through our Lord to the Father who has brought us, his children, out of the darkness of selfishness to the light of service of him through serving our fellow human beings.